A Tactical Pen For A Tactical Person

When you are constantly on the lookout for the next handy tool that will help to make your life that little bit safer and more secure, it can be nerve wrecking knowing that at moment of time you might be faced with life or death type situation.  This always made me extremely nervous when I was in the Police Force and I was constantly standing on the side of the road in not so good areas writing tickets.  And even though I was featured with a belt full of tools, when I was physically writing a ticket, I felt like I was exposed.  I felt like I was unprotected, and if someone wanted to, they could come up behind me and do me some harm, and I wouldn’t be able to defend myself.

tact penEvery since I was a kid I always knew the importance of being prepared and being able to protect and take care of yourself.  That being said, when I became a cop, I knew I needed a better solution to my situation where I felt unprotected writing tickets.  That is when I decided to do some research online, and I actually learned about tactical pens from my friend Brett!

Tactical pens have the same ability of regular pens, they can write in nearly any situation, including in the pouring rain!  But that isn’t the reason I bought a tactical pen.  These bad boys are made from airplane aluminum and they are heavy but extremely durable.  These pens can take a beating, and they actually are designed to be used as a quick response for danger.  These can be used for self defense and actually as a stabbing weapon if the situation calls for it!  Thankfully I haven’t had to use my tactical pen in the name of self defense!  Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase, and I am positive that this will keep me safe, and it helps to ease my mine a little bit more!